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The Seattle Way

As a kid, I was fascinated by skyscrapers and big city life. Growing up in Alaska, and then moving to a small suburb in Seattle as a teenager, I was immediately captivated by the idea of one day calling the “big city” home. And that I did.

This look was about paying homage to the place I’ve called home for over half my life and my appreciation for all the rich experiences Seattle has offered me.

Today’s outfit consists of what I call “Seattle Staples.” While it’s easy to cop an ordinary rain jacket, I find it more stylish to sport something with versatility that can be worn casually, or for a more sophisticated look. You just can’t go wrong with a trench. Ironically, this one just so happens to be called “The Manhattan Coat,” another city I’ve grown to love. The shoes by Brick + Mortar Seattle are my go-to for adding some dapper to my wardrobe.

Till next time,

Curtis Bright

















Photography by Blake Gillies, Edited by Ann Corbitt

What I’m Wearing…

  • Jacket, Obey, at Zebra Club
  • Tie, Banana Republic
  • Dress Shirt, Club Monaco
  • Waistcoat, Vintage
  • Shoes, Brick + Mortar Seattle


  1. Joa Joa

    The look is put together while maintaining the air of casual ease. It expresses just enough attention to detail and fits perfectly with spring weather. I like how the shoes tie in the color of the coat, and blue is a great new color this year.

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Spot on, Joa. I appreciate your compliments.

  2. wynette wynette

    UR one sharp brother!!!!

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