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Suiting Up For Spring

Let’s be real, a perfect fitting suit is a man’s best friend. Not only can it completely change the way the world sees you, it’s the ultimate confidence booster. For that reason, I chose to feature a Navy, modern fit, versatile suit for this week’s blog post. This one in particular is from the Ryan Seacrest Line. It’s slim fitting with a modern look. I’ve added a couple accessories with the gold tie bar and navy suspenders, as well as pocket square for a touch of flare. I wanted to go with a simple yet bold pair of black Alden dress shoes I picked up From Brick+Mortar Seattle to give the outfit a polished look.

The sun was shining today but living in Seattle, especially this time of year, the threat of rain is always imminent, so of course I snagged my umbrella on the way out.

There’s something invigorating about putting on a suit and going out into the world. I highly recommend it.


Curtis Bright








Photography by Blake Gillies

What I’m Wearing..

  • Suit by Ryan Seacrest
  • Dress shirt, Banana Republic
  • Tie and Pocket Square, The Tie Bar
  • Shoes, Brick + Mortar Seattle
  • Sunglasses, Ray-Ban


  1. Theresa Theresa

    Smooth as silk Mr. B. I’m feeling like I want to go out and buy this unsumble for myself and I’m a woman…..

  2. Maipai Maipai

    What about the watch? Great look!

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      The watch is from Timex. Thanks for asking!

  3. Maipai Maipai

    Love their watches! Classic.

  4. Rob T Rob T

    “bRIGHT ON FASHION” as tag line?? I like your site.

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      I dig that. Thanks, Rob!

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