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A Special Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, but fear not, as I am here with fresh ideas for those of you looking to really impress your special someone. If you aren’t up to braving the restaurant scene this year (or forgot to make a reservation in time – OOPS!), I’ve partnered with three of my local favorites to show you how to create a stylish and unforgettable Valentine’s evening in the comfort of your own home. I guarantee you’ll be talking about this night all year. Let’s get started:With exactly one week until the big day, your first step is to order flowers. For those of you in Seattle, my go-to is The London Plane in Pioneer Square. Not just a great place for brunch and cocktails, London Plane is also one of the best places outside of Pike Place Market to find a bouquet of flowers. The appeal for me is that I can handpick unique flowers to create my own bouquet, which makes the gesture that much more thoughtful. However, given that this is one of their busiest times of year, I recommend that you go ahead of time and pre-order for pick-up. Next, you’ll want to plan something delicious to eat. Taylor Shellfish, a Northwest company that needs no introduction, has created the perfect Valentine’s Day Specialty Oyster Sampler that’s delivered overnight directly to your doorstep-link here The coolest part about this is that all three dozen oysters come iced in a wooden box that includes a shucker, gloves and instructions. Fun couples activity, check! Boss move, check! Did I mention that they can deliver overnight anywhere in the U.S.?Finally, you’ll want to top it all off with a gift. A one-stop shop like Velouria is just what you need. They carry locally-designed, handcrafted jewelry, trendy clothing and a well-curated selection of accessories to go with it. Their unexpected cards will have the both of you laughing out loud. The two pieces Ann is wearing here are by Silversheep Jewelry and Monica Squitieri. Trust me when I say the gift options run deep, so you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something your love will love.The obvious things like cocktails, candles, fireplace and playlist I’ll leave to you. It’s all about creating your own special experience perfectly suited to your own special relationship.

Hopefully I was able to spark some Valentine’ Day inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. Enjoy and, most importantly, have fun with it.

With Love,

Curtis Bright

Photography by Blake Gillies

Edited by Ann Corbitt

Partners: The London Plane,  | Taylor Shellfish,  | Velouria,



  1. Ann Ann

    Beautiful post!

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Thanks, Ann!

  2. We love Taylor Shellfish but I had no idea about their Valentine’s Day Specialty Oyster Sampler! What a fun idea! My husband would be all over shucking the oysters!

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Marcie, it’s so much fun! Really easy and obviously delicious.

  3. Such a thoughtful set up! Now if you could just subtly point my boyfriend in this post’s direction… 😉

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Will do, Adria! 😉

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