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Seattle’s Fashion Scene

For being such a progressive city, Seattle sure is conservative when it comes to taking fashion risks. Seattleites, both native and transplants, tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to style. Why IS that? Can you tell I’m underwhelmed with what I’m seeing out here on the streets? No shade, I just see so much potential!

For crying out loud, we live in a region that experiences grey skies 75 percent of the year. Just think about the impact on our moods if we came out of our shells and brightened up our days with more colorful, avant-garde, unexpected style choices.

What used to be 3 months of beautiful summer weather now seems to be down to 2 with the rise of the new smoky August that’s been trending the past couple of years. Our summers are what keep us excited about living in this city and, frankly, I’m feeling like it’s just not enough for me anymore. My antidote is more fashion! It’s time for a fashion renaissance that welcomes and appreciates unpredictable, fashion-forward and trendy style. You with me?!

With Style,


Photography by Blake Gillies

Edited by Ann


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