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Provocative Style for Men

Sex appeal in styling menswear can be a challenge. The way I like to do it is by showing some skin in unexpected places such as ankles or chest. For example, I’ll wear cropped pants with loafers to expose some skin. But I’ve also started to wear my shirts with 3 buttons down instead of the usual two. I know it’s a bit 70s, but that’s what’s hot right now, so why not have some fun with what’s of the moment?

Another way to show some skin is by going completely shirtless underneath a suit jacket. Now this can be risky, but that’s what fashion is about, right? Live a little! As long as it’s done in the right setting and done tastefully, you’re guaranteed to set it off with this look. It’s great for special events like fashion shows and after parties, where you are expected to bring your provocative A-game to the red carpet. It’s avant-garde, and that’s sexy.

So now that you have some examples of how to show a little skin and spice up your style, are you ready to experiment with some of these ideas?

With Style,


Photography by Frank Chacon and Blake Gillies

Edited by Ann Corbitt

Wearing: Suit, Nifty Genius | Shoes, Adidas, Likelihood | Bracelets, Giles&Brother, Clementines | Watch, DUFA 

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