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Personal Styling

Are you in need of a little fashion advice or a whole new wardrobe? I offer a range of personalized styling services including special event styling, in-home closet audits, comprehensive shopping sessions and more – customized just for you!

 Personal Shopping and Styling:

Rest assured, I’ll be doing all of the legwork here. After an initial consultation to determine your goals, I’ll be pulling clothes from multiple stores and bringing them to you, or you can meet me in-store. No combing through racks, as everything will be preselected and ready to go when we meet. We’ll spend a few hours trying them on, allowing me to help you make the best decisions integrating your new purchases into your existing wardrobe. 

Closet Purge:

Out with the old, in with the new! A 3-hour closet audit will allow us to take a full inventory of your closet and identify what we can work with within your existing wardrobe. We’ll “shop your closet” and rework some of those existing items into your new wardrobe. Together we will determine what stays, what goes and what could be repurposed with just a bit of love from a trusty tailor..

Special Occasion Styling:

Styling and shopping services for special occasions. Do you have an upcoming event such as a wedding, interview, photoshoot, vacation or a hot date? Shopping for events can be frustrating and time consuming, so let me handle that for you. I’ll do all of the shopping and styling so all you have to do is show up,try on and leave feeling and looking confident.

I want to transform your closet and the way you shop for clothes, making you a more responsible, efficient shopper by helping you purchase things that make the most sense for your lifestyle and goals.

Contact me to schedule a consultation today!