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Mr. Waldorf

I never wear green. Not because I don’t like the color, but because it’s just not a color that is often used in menswear, especially dress clothes. However, I’ve found that a low-key way to incorporate green into an outfit is with accessories.

I’ve had this olive tote bag from Bennett Winch for a while and it’s been difficult to incorporate  into outfits. The problem is that it clashes with most of the colors I frequently wear, so I went on the hunt for other green accessories and came across a lot of great options. I found some olive neckties from Spanish designer Mr. Waldorf, which helps balance and bring the entire look together. It’s the same idea as wearing a belt that matches your shoe color or watch. The goal is to make it look cohesive and seamless. Matching accessories is a good way to incorporate an uncommon color like green into your wardrobe.  

With Style,


Photography by Blake Gillies

Edits by Ann Corbitt

Featuring: Necktie, Mr. Waldorf | Tote bag, Bennett Winch

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