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Leather Layers

I got my first leather jacket at the end of spring and now I’m torturing myself because I won’t be able to wear it until the Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciating this beautiful summer weather, but I have my mind set on the cooler months just so I can rock my new jacket!

This leather jacket adds a whole new layer to my wardrobe. I typically dress in elevated casual, so most of my clothes are dressier, but I often create balance with rugged pieces, usually in the form of accessories or outerwear. When it comes to tough looking outwear, it doesn’t get much better than  leather. With my new jacket, I’m able to mix up refined tailoring with a badass motorcycle jacket and it’s a lot of fun.

You guys, I’m really trying to keep my cool and be patient, but I might have to sneak a few wears in this summer to ease my excitement.

With style,



Photography by Blake Gillies

Featuring Ann Corbitt

Wearing: Jacket, Allsaints | Watch, Dufa | Shoes, Brick+Mortar | Jeans, Levis | Shirt, Uniqlo


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