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A company like Filson needs no introduction. They’ve been outfitting people from all over the world for well over a century. But one thing that I recently learned about them after visiting their flagship store is that they provide a unique service that not many other companies do. You see, when you purchase from Filson, your product has a lifetime guarantee and if for some reason that product fails in its intended purpose, Filson will fix it or replace it. Then they will take that worn bag, recreate a whole new bag from it and resell it to the public as part of their Filson restoration program. So when you walk into the flagship store, you can pick out a bag that has unique history, character, and is one of a kind.

I recently partnered with Filson, photographer Tiarra Sorte, and Esther of Uncommon Cartography for the look featured in this blog post. I broke up a three piece suit by replacing the blazer with a vintage camo jacket and finishing the look with a pair of commando sole chukka boots. A classic, sophisticated, yet modern, style that the everyday man can pull off with ease.

More to come from this collaboration with Filson.

To learn more about their restoration department, click on the link :

With style,

Curtis Bright


Filson Filson Briefcase ShinolaFilson Briefcase Aviator SunglassesShinolaFilson Briefcase


What I’m Wearing…

  • Field jacket, H&M
  • Bag, Filson
  • Boots, Alden x Brick+Mortar Seattle
  • Sunglasses, J. Crew
  • Necktie, Gitman Bros.
  • Watch, Filson


Photography by Tiarra

Creative Director, Esther

Featured brand, Filson

Edited by: Ann Corbitt

Location-Georgetown, Square Knot Diner



  1. Blakely Blakely

    Damn!!!! These are so Fuego.

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Thanks, Blake! Tiarra has a great eye.

  2. Avi Soor Avi Soor

    Good stuff! Love the outfit

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Thanks my man!

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