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Cowboy-Up and Wear Cowboy Boots

I’m far from a country boy, but I love my cowboy boots. Out of all the shoe styles I wear, there’s something about cowboy boots that’s very different. When I put them on, I walk with a natural swagger that all of my cowboy boot wearing people out there can attest to. As soon as the boots go on my feet, it just happens; my confidence is high, I’m a little taller and my posture is on point.

Yes, they’re mighty fine-looking boots (My southern drawl is starting to kick in), but cowboy boots can also be surprisingly comfortable to walk in, depending on the designer, style, etc. I bought my Lucchese’s used, so the leather was already nicely worn in and flexible. Two reasons why I decided to go with a used pair were 1) I wasn’t ready to dish out $400 on cowboy boots without knowing if they would look good on me, and 2) I found a pair on eBay that were exactly what I was looking for at a quarter of the price of a new pair. I was sold!

There are some things to consider when it comes to styling a look. Unless you’re a real cowboy or are involved in that culture, steer away from going full western because that can come off as costumey and contrived. I recommend mixing the look with other everyday pieces; a tailored overcoat, a plain button-down shirt, and a pair of slim-fit Levi’s is a good look. It’s a simple and classic approach that is undeniably masculine.

I’m interested to hear how you guys style your cowboy boots. Drop a line in the comments!

Insider tip: Here in Seattle, you won’t have much luck finding boutiques that carry cowboy boots, but there is a cool store in Ballard called Gold Dogs and they carry some of the best styles I’ve seen locally.


With style,



Cowboy BootsCowboy BootsCowboy BootsCowboy BootsCowboy BootsCowboy Boots

Photography by Blake Gillies

Huge thank you to Callus in Pioneer Square for providing the backdrop for this shoot.

What I’m Wearing: Boots, Lucchese | Overcoat, Allsaints | Shirt, Corridor NYC/Division Road Inc. | Jeans, Levi’s | Jewelry, BDG Accessories

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