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Bohemian Chic

The key to pulling off the Bohemian Chic look is to let yourself go a little bit; Skip the morning shave for a few days, bust out the lived-in jeans, and trade out the tailored button-up for a looser-fitting, untucked shirt. But above all, the right accessories will make or break this outfit, so take notes.


If you don’t already have a pair of old jeans, you can find tons of vintage inspired light-washed jeans at your local thrift shops. Otherwise, Levi’s makes a perfect vintage-inspired pair called 512 Slim Taper, which I copped at Macy’s.


Leather boots are necessary because they give the outfit a rugged, yet refined look. A Chelsea boot will do, but cowboy boots will take the look to the next level.


Comfortable, airy (not baggy) fabrics are what you’re going for here. During the summer months, linen is a favorable option because of its breathability. No matter what, it always elevates a look to a more refined status. Leave it untucked for a look that says “I woke up like this.”


Accessories are everything when it comes to pulling off this look. I would opt for stacked vintage-style bracelets with a southwest aesthetic, in the style of Johnny Depp. Check out the Giles and Brothers site for all things man jewelry.

You’ll want to finish off the look with a western style hat, which you can find in abundance at Wayward at super affordable prices.

Styling yourself to look like you don’t care (even though you do), is a difficult balance to achieve. It’s an exercise in effortless style that every man should put into practice.

How do you guys feel about this Boho-chic look? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!

With style,


Photography by Blake Gillies


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