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Back To Basics

When I dress down for a casual look, the clothes still need to be well-fitted. I’ve always admired the styles of James Dean and Marlon Brando. They took the minimalist approach with a basic white t-shirt, Levi’s and a rugged pair of boots or shoes. To truly pull this look off, try adding a cuff to your jeans to show a little ankle. And if the temperature is still on the colder side, instead of a t-shirt, you can opt for a thermal Henley. A jacket or topcoat is always a nice finishing touch to bring it all together. And of course, the shades go without saying.

Cheers to adding a little rebel to your casual style.

Curtis Bright


DSC_8199 - Copy
shoegame DSC_8355





Photography by Blake Gillies, Edited by Ann Corbitt

What I’m Wearing…

  • Topcoat, Banana Republic
  • Henley, Lucky Brand
  • Jeans, Levis
  • Shoes, Brick + Mortar Seattle
  • Location, Historic Seattle Houseboats in Lake Union

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