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All In A Day’s Work

Blogging about menswear is what I do to fulfill my creative side, but professionally, I work in the field of Criminal Justice as a Probation Counselor. In my line of work, business casual is about as fancy as it gets, but I wear suits and ties everyday because that’s what I’m most comfortable wearing. A typical day for me starts out with having every aspect of my outfit of the day already prepared from the night before.  It affords me the extra time to ease into the morning and stop for coffee before going into work.

For this look, I’m wearing a topcoat over what I like to call the three piece change-up. It’s not cold enough to layer the blazer under a coat, so I paired the suit pants with a vintage waistcoat. I’m also wearing chukka boots instead of dress shoes and when the outfit comes together with the briefcase, it has that college professor vibe. A custom-made spread collar dress shirt and classic aviators are nice finishing touches.


Curtis Bright



What I’m Wearing…

  • Shirt, Beckett&Robb
  • Vest, Vintage
  • Bag, Filson (Restoration Department)
  • Neckwear, Gitman Bros.
  • Boots, Alden x Brick+Mortar Seattle
  • Sunglasses, J. Crew
  • Timepiece, Filson
  • Topcoat, Banana Republic


Photography by Tiarra Sorte

Collaboration with Esther Swaty of Uncommon Cartography

Brands-Filson and Beckett&Robb

Edited by Ann Corbitt


  1. Tom Tom

    Hi Curtis,

    I’ve been lurking around your blog and admiring your style for some time now. One of the many pieces that you wear which has stood out to me is that Banana Republic overcoat which you’ve been rocking in a number of different photos, including the one above.

    I realise we’re heading in to spring/summer now and my timing is completely off, but do you have any brand recommendations for a really nice wool overcoat? I would ideally be looking for something that has a slim, modern cut and can be worn with both business wear or with jeans and a t-shirt for a smart-casual look. Something made in the US or Europe with a solid heritage would be preferable, as I tend to prefer buying from producers that treat their workers fairly. In short, I’m looking for a really nice piece that can be worn for many years to come and don’t mind spending extra for quality.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated and keep up the stylish work!


    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Hello Tom. Thanks for following along!

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