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A Lesson From The 1960’s

I’ve always been inspired by the black and white photography of the 1960’s and the iconic menswear styles of that era. During this period of time, men of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds dressed in suits every day of the week. Even the young kids were often dressed in suits. The timelessness of the classic suit with a skinny tie, pointed collar dress shirt, and wayfarer shades has always resonated with me, and has heavily influenced my personal style. At a time when America’s dreadful history of race relations is as present as it’s ever been, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reflect back to a time when one thing was for sure-style had no color.

Some of my favorite icons from that period include Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Miles Davis and JFK. These men knew how to dress. They were rarely caught in front of a lens without a suit and tie. Which icons are you most inspired by? I’d love to hear!

  Until next time,

 One love

malkx miles malcolm ali jfk











Shot by Blake Gillies

Edits by Ann Corbitt

What I’m Wearing….

  • Trench Coat, London Fog
  • Suit, Nordstrom
  • Shirt and tie, Banana Republic
  • Sunglasses, Rayban
  • Shoes, Brick+Mortar Seattle








  1. Wes Brown Wes Brown

    Dope pics & script Brotha Bright!

    Reminds me that I need to check out that Miles Davis movie Don Cheadle directed & starred in.

    Speaking of movies, my black & white photography fandom dates back to the 40’s during the film noir era. Humphrey Bogart is probably the most iconic actor of the genre. The cinematography & costumes would suit your style to a T.

    Keep up the good work!

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Thank you, Wes! I’ve got that “Miles Ahead” in my queue right now. I’m looking forward to learning about Mr. Bogart as well. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ebony Bright Ebony Bright

    Absolutely LOVE this report!!! Your style definitely reflects that era. Shout out to your photographer, photos are AMAZING!! <3

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Thanks for the compliments, Ebony!

    • Blakely Blakely

      much love thank you

  3. Cold Swillin Cold Swillin

    It would be interesting to do a retrospective of the fashions of Malcolm X and Miles. They were sharpest in the suit and skinny tie, but both went thru various phases of extreme style, from Malcolm’s Detroit Red days of flashy zoot suits, and Miles getting crazy in his early 70s Bitches Brew era and beyond.

    • curtisbjr curtisbjr

      Thanks for dropping a line Portia!

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