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The Breton Shirt

The Breton striped shirt is synonymous with prep style, but actually originated with the French military prior to being adopted by the fashion world. For such a basic design, these shirts are effortlessly stylish. I associated the design with womenswear until years ago when I saw a photo of style icon James Dean wearing one. I figured if it’s good enough for James, it’s good enough for me. Paired with rolled up denim, it’s the perfect military inspired look.

Breton striped shirts can be hard to find, but J. Crew and Brooks Brothers almost always carry them. For a lower priced option, check out H&M as well.

If you like to wear white tees as a part of your casual style, try mixing things up with a sailor shirt next time.


Curtis Bright

Photography by Blake Gillies

Edited by Ann Corbitt

Wearing: Sailor shirt, H&M | Jeans, Levis | Boots, Brick+Mortar | Peacoat, Topman | Sunglasses, Raen

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