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Handsome In Pink

I’m a huge fan of the color pink. I’ve recently been incorporating it into my outfits because frankly, it makes me feel good. There’s something about the color that brightens up my mood. Pink is a color that women wear frequently, but men aren’t as likely to wear out of fear of looking too feminine. What’s interesting about that is there was a time in recent history when men wore pink without question. Then came the 1950s when colors like pink and blue were associated with gender.

When I wear pink I feel as though I’m radiating masculinity. It gives me a feeling of confidence that says I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to rock a color that challenges the social norms of the current times. Men, I say we throw arbitrary gender norms aside and reclaim our right to wear pink.

With style,

Curtis Bright

Jackstraw ClothingJackstraw ClothingJackstraw ClothingJackstraw ClothingJackstraw Clothing Pike Place Market Style

Photography by Brent Martin

Edited by Ann Corbitt

Wearing: Blazer, Jackstraw Clothing / President’s | Sunglasses, RAEN | T-shirt, Club Monaco






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