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Bonsoir of London

I have to start out by saying it’s weird as hell preparing to walk out of the house with pajamas on. I felt naked in the beginning, but after a few minutes, I started to feel like a rogue; I was doing something mischievous and against the norm, and I liked it. That’s what style is about, right!? And yes, it’s as comfortable and liberating as it looks.

The style of this pajama shirt by Bonsoir of London, resembles a jacket or “shacket,” so it wasn’t exactly obvious that I was wearing loungewear. I think the pinstripes helped to dress up the look as well. The trend right now is silky pajama tops, but I thought I would push the envelope by wearing a flannel version, which is relaxed, stylish and really warm. Expect to see me in more of these jammies during the cooler months ahead.

Check out Bonsoir of London for more styles.

With style,


Bonsoir of LondonBonsoir of LondonFilson Leather PouchFilson Leather PouchFilson Leather PouchBonsoir of LondonRAEN Sunglasses

Photos and Edits by Ann

Wearing: Pajama top, Bonsoir of London | Leather Pouch, Filson | Pants, H&M | Penny Loafers, Florsheim | Watch, DuFA | Sunglasses, RAEN

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